Passion Projects

Outside of academics, applying my skillset to fun stuff like Bollywood dance competitions, reshaping and adding voice to my business school, and capturing impeccable moments through my camera lens prove to be time worth spending.

A.K.A. Check out a few ways I like to procrastinate studying!


ICA is a student-led organization on campus at UT Austin which serves to celebrate the Indian heritage through numerous cultural events throughout the year. Being Indian is a huge part of my life, whether it be classical and Bollywood dancing or keeping the traditions going. As ICA's Creative Director, I aid ICA in its promotional side, designing all kinds of material from banners to t-shirt design to mixtape album cover art. 

Featured in this portfolio are selections of artwork from ICA branding and events, and Jhalak Dance Competition (the largest Bollywood-fusion dance competition in the South).

Check out my most recent projects using motion graphics and video editing:

Print, digital, and shirt designs

Entering as a freshman in what was known then as the Undergraduate Career Committee (UCC), I was fueled and ready to make a change. On top of introducing new advertising concepts, new wellness workshop ideas, and new logistical methods, I also spearheaded a rebranding movement that turned UCC into MCEB – The McCombs Career Expo Board. Rebranding included entirely new logo, color schemes, advertising approaches, and renewed presence on campus.